About me

I'm Aurelia, I generally go by my full name with the odd little nick name (i.e. Aurel, Rill, Rel - you get the picture). Oreoslut if you're still caught up in the Myspace era like my brain sometimes is.

I remember this one time I was stopped in the middle of Granville Street, it was some blog or magazine that was asking to take my photo for their street style page. Obviously I am all about that kind of stuff, but what stuck with me was the question she asked; "If you could describe your style in one word, what would it be?",  I immediately answered "A barfbag.". She looked stunned, laughing it off, and asked why I would describe myself, my style as such a grossly known thing. To this day I can truly still say my style is like a barfbag, probably not for the reasons you're thinking. Let me explain. In this bag you have a mixture of dark colors, bright colors, mixed, textures, patterns, a cluster fuck even... well come take a look in my closet you'll find just that. My style changes from day to day, I adore being fun with what I wear. Fashion is all about the creativity, the fun, the annoyance of picking the right outfit. It's loving black and white just as much as I love loud patterns and colors. 
So my friends, I am a barfbag. 

Lets go a little deeper, I actually was raised with polar opposite parents; style wise + interest wise. My mom Parisian, stuck in her mentality while I was growing up was interesting. She took me everywhere with her, by everywhere I mean the amount of dressing rooms I sat in waiting for her is countless. But the woman taught me sophistication, luxury, designer names and Celine Dion (amongst many others). Then we have my dad, a bigger guy, looks scary but is hella nice (for the most part) - into hot rods, pin up girls, flea markets, art and vintage. This guy taught me so much about this stuff, so much in fact I have my very own Playboy magazine collection thank you very much. For those of you who don't know my dream, it's to be on Playboy. The best of all he always taught me to not let anyone walk all over me, and to never give a fuck about what people think about me. Thanks dad! 

So we've established I love fashion, new and old. I adore anything vintage, pin up ish and all that jazz. Seems I'm also pretty creative, okay cool.

I also really love food, cooking and baking is one of my favorite things to do. Being Italian I was given personal lessons in the kitchen and sewing room from my Nonna by the age of 3.

So all of that passion kept me going with many hobbies, these later took me into various schooling: photography, Fashion Merchandising/Marketing, Event Management. Throughout the years I've had some pretty rad jobs and projects on the go where I constantly had the opportunities to show off my skills and love for this kind of thing.

Besides all that I am impulsive, organized and very anal about my things. I love traveling, music festivals, the beach, reading, hanging with my cat, being with friends, and really enjoying life to it's fullest.

Aurelcee is where you can find me on all social media platforms. This blog is a compilations of all the things I like doing, talking about or just showing off. 

*Photos are by Delilah Summer Rayne