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Wardrobe Styling
Needing some styling for a photo or film shoot? Wether it be fashion editorials, couple/bridal sessions, product shoots, music videos, or anything in between; I'm happy to be the girl on set making everyone look snazzy in some cool clothes!
Note: Designers wanting to collaborate to showcase their designs. I want to hear from you!!

-Meeting with creative team to discuss inspirations, general vision of the project
-Moodboard/inspiration board created
-Outfit pulls (shopping!) + outfit preparation
-Day of shoot; organizing wardrobe, dressing models

Hourly Rate + Restocking Fee
Day Rate + Restocking Fee

*Test shoot rates available upon request
*Various packages can be made with this service upon discussion! 

Boutique Collaborations + Styling
One of my favourite things to do is shop, and I love supporting local boutiques! Honestly you guys rule, I'm so inspired by all of you establishing such beautifully curated shops. 

-Meeting discussing vision behind the project
-Instagram live or Instagram Stories in store
-Creating outfits with clothing in store
-Favorite pieces in store & review
-Lookbook created with clothing from store + own wardrobe
-Blog post
-Instagram content given to store
& much more!

Hourly Rate + Travel Cost + Photographer (for photo's if requested)

*Various packages can be made with this service upon discussion! 
*Rates will vary upon package negotiated (minimum of 2 hours)

Brand Collaborations
As an ind├ępendant wardrobe stylist, blogger and influencer I work with various brand to help them promote their image or product. Various services are offered, and I'm always open to new ideas! Here are some options:

-Product Review                                   -Brand Ambassador
-Sponsored Post                                    -Social Promotion
-Contests + Giveaways                         -Brand Partnership
-Look Books + Modelling                    -Photoshoot Partnership (styling)
-Event Coverage (Grand opening, launch parties/ brand launches etc.)

Hourly Rate + Any Fees/Services Discussed 

*Various packages can be made with this service upon discussion! 
*Rates will vary upon package negotiated

Some brands I've worked with:

Closet Makeover 
We all have a bit of hoarding tendencies, I know I do... even when I manage to sort 7 garbage bags of clothing it still doesn't seem like I make a dent. The one thing that saves me is that everything in my closet has a home - let me help you get organized!

-Clean out closet 
-Sort through clothing (keep, donate/consign, throw away)
-Re-organize closet; finding a home for every piece of clothing, color coding and using your space to it's full potential 
-Outift ideas: I can help you pair together some of your clothing to make some great quick + easy stylish options for you

Various packages can be made for the closet makeover, we can chat about what you're wanting out of the clean up and what services are needed

Hourly Rate

*Rates will vary upon package negotiated (minimum of 2 hours)

Contact aurelia.photofitness@hotmail.com for package pricing 
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-Aurelia Cerquozzi (myself)
-Joel Bedford
-Laure Elaine 
-Summer Rayne Photo
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-Amanda Cava
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